1. New Children’s store!!

    New Children’s store!!


    I have opened a new store on Instagram called: The little prince wardrobe! If you are looking for gently loved and new items, come on over and shop! We just opened today so all of our items are not up, but will be fully stocked in the next couple of days! We will eventually go to all new items once we sell our inventory and make space for the new! Search: thelittleprincewardrobe Happy Shopping!


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  2. Today’s blessing

    Frantically as I was trying to head out of the house this morning to go to bible study. I noticed that my sons glasses were missing a lens. I thought “Oh great, this is all I need!” So I still frantically, rushed around looking for this tiny clear lens. I…

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  3. Blessings

    The blessings we receive aren’t just answered prayers, but “God supplies the believers every need”(BSF), and thus, the blessings are the “trainings for the next step”(BSF). He deepens our faith and grows fonder in our hearts.

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  4. If you walk in …

    If you walk in faith you will not be dominated by fear! If you are dominated by fear you will never walk in faith! – Perry Noble

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  5. Took advantage of the snow..

    Took advantage of the snow we were blessed with today and did some snowga during naptime. Loved it!…

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  6. The zealous stranger

    Today I had a few errands to run. One of which caused me to go to the dreadful tag agency. Obligated, I went. I walked in and it was a mad house. I literally stopped in my tracks and looked around in awe of how many people were there and where I was going…

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  7. The beginning of an open heart…

    Today. Today has opened my eyes. Today has opened my heart. Leading up to today, I contemplated. I beat myself down. I “okayed” myself. But one thing I didn’t do is encourage myself. You see, today was the day I asked my yoga teacher (which she does an…

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  8. Test of faith

    Ever had that feeling like God burdened your heart to do something and you kept thinking,”well God, I would but…” And there was always something that kept you from being faithful to His will? I often felt like that. I also felt that God didn’t want to use…

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  9. Thank you..

    I just wanted to really take the time to thank a special woman who has impacted my life so enormously, that she doesn’t even know it. I want to thank her for being patient with me. For listening to all of my foolishness, for taking the time to breathe the…

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  10. 2014

    2014 http://wp.me/s3qAgn-2014

    20 days into the new year and I am already feeling the pressure of meeting my set goals. This year, I have really set myself up for success. To really achieve what I have in mind. But first, I was prompted to start the year off with one word. Just one.…

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  12. Relaxation..

    In October, My husband took me to Cozumel to celebrate my birthday and our honeymoon that we never…

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